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Basil Gogos is the World's Most Famous Monster Artist!

Gogos has a legendary fan following that just continues to keep growing and growing, as chronicled in the best-selling Vanguard book, Famous Monster Movie Art of Basil Gogos. His original Famous Monsters magazine cover paintings of the 1960s and '70s are highly sought-after and he has works in the collections of filmmakers and rock stars including Rob Zombie, Johnny Depp, Nicholas Cage and Benicio Del Toro. Though Gogos continues to be sought after by producers, directors and publishers for CD and DVD covers, movie posters, trading cards, book covers and new monster magazines, in the last year, Gogos has turned his attention to abstract Fine Art. Catch this Saturday-only appearance of the Master of Monsters at the Vanguard booth. [1]

Scheduled daysEdit

  • Saturday


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