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Hiroaki Ikegami is a renown producer in the world of anime/manga.

Producer works[]

  • Uchuu Senkan Yamato

(also known as STAR BLAZERS abroad) Currently focusing on STAR BLAZERS 2199 that is currently in the middle of production and airing, he is in charge of producing for STAR BLAZERS. He is mainly in charge of international business, music tie-ins, publicity and licensing.

  • Kazuo Koike Original Work

He is in charge of producing all the of the work by original author Kazuo Koike, who has created over 250 works not limited to, but including Lone Wolf and Cub, Lady Snowblood, and Crying Freeman. At the same time, he concurrently holds the position of head of secretariat for the incorporated foundation for which Kazuo Koike serves as a member of the board of directors.

  • Masao Maruyama Producer Work

Together with the famous producer in the anime industry, Masao Maruyama, he has been in charge of producing three productions

  • Yoshitaka Amano Original Story / Animation work

He has also been in charge of producing the works of Yoshitaka Amano for overseas release. Yoshitaka Amano is an artist who has done countless character designs for Final Fantasy and Tatsunoko Productions.

  • Yoshihiro Ike / Keiichi Satou Work

He has comprehensively produced the works produced by spirited creative team “Yorihiro Ike & Keiichi Sato”

Music Artist[]

He has produced the different collaborative works between the artists and anime and manga, characters and distribution for artists such as Nana Mizuki (Sigma Seven / King Records) and T-ARA (J-ROCK)