#WikiaLive Updates

  • The fans ran wild with our #WikiaFoodTruck Fan Art walls
  • Smart money's still on Batman...
  • Bender: minus an antenna, plus beer
  • Gideon and Bill Cipher stopped by the #wikiafoodtruck today
  • Batgirl vs. Supergirl
  • Vintage-style cosplay, serious girl power among NYCC superfans!
  • It's dangerous on the floor @ NYCC!
  • No more room on the #WikiaFoodTruck Fan Art wall? This girls begs to differ!
  • Our very own Eric Moro at the #WikiaFoodTruck
  • Batman, laying down the hurt on Superman with his green Ace
  • Don't mess with Jake...
  • Then, right on cue, look who #wikialive found looking for sense beans...
  • These Adventure Timers committed fully
  • He-man gets hungry too. Nbd.
  • Omg this pic...the sonic screwdriver...I AM DEAD
  • "Close to the back, but close enough for the Action for the Karate Kid Panel" -@Bitgamer1
  • The family that cosplays together...
  • Glad to catch this smash bros crew at the #wikiafoodtruck powering through to the #nycc finish line
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